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About us


Artisan Painters

Aren’t we all looking for peace, spaciousness and harmony in turbulent times like these? These three elements turn your house into a home, a place where you can find emotional balance. The right colours and materials play a key role in every room.

Artisan Painters from Wetteren is a family business, in which the passion for painting and the trade of a master painter are passed down from generation to generation. Run by Kenneth Vander Stricht, and thanks to an experienced creative team, we turn every project into a masterpiece.

Artisan Painters has been in the business for more than 40 years. Kenneth gained fifteen years of experience by working for the renowned painter, Eddy Dankers. He helped complete prestigious projects for respected architects such as Axel Vervoordt, Bernard De Clerck and Moredesign.

Gaining experience by working for the world’s top painters has been a fantastic training for Kenneth. Nowadays, a broader public can enjoy his expertise. He continues to work with Eddy Dankers, however, on large-scale projects at the highest level.


Decorative painting techniques:

Our team is specialised in every possible decorative technique including lime and mineral paints, oil paints, Tadelakt, etc. We also have expertise in trompe l'oeil, stucco, fresco, wood imitations, marble imitations, cocciopesto, gilding, French polishing, wood refinement, wood aging, aging techniques, lime mortar, metal imitations etc.

Lime plastering:

Give your newly built house or your renovated house a new look! A layer of lime plaster works wonders and is resistant to all weather conditions.


Microtopping and Mortex are types of cement plaster for covering mineral surfaces (e.g. floors, ponds and worktops).